A little adventure with two trumpets and a vase

Well, today’s adventure was a reminder that it’s never easy to be me! I went to Stockholm by train, to pick up my son’s trumpet, which has been fixed (a stuck tuning slide). I brought my own newly purchased vintage trumpet, to get an evaluation of the worn parts (mainly the valves), and some instructions for the care and maintenance. In the shop, I asked at the counter if I could speak to their trumpet expert, and was advised to walk over to the repairs department. No problem, as I immediately found the guy I had met on my first visit, last week, but when I started to talk and gesticulate to help him understand what I wanted, I knocked over a big vase – which I suppose was a part of the Christmas decoration of the shop – and it fell down some steps, and spilled its water over the shop floor. (I believe my unruly backpack was to blame – I am not that clumsy!)

Ah, well. They had to wipe the floor and move some cardboard boxes with new instruments, while I tried to figure out how to put the damned vase right again, including the flowers. It was an extremely unsteady construction, with a glass vase sitting inside a big old brass instrument bell, only supported by a small terracotta pot…

I wasn’t so embarrassed or discouraged by this as one could expect. At least, it was possible to laugh about it, and nothing was broken (except a flower), but I am sure they will remember me!! Next time, I will wait on the doorstep before I enter, and shout ”Hello? Any flower vases around, or can I come in?”

After this, I managed to listen to and almost remember what the trumpet guy told me about cleaning, drying and oiling brass instruments, so there’s still hope, I think!

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