Copy and paste music

Following a discussion about this article I decided to put some of my old ”compositions” with loops online, and I also posted two newer pieces to my site

The three first things are made with Roland DoReMix, which I got in a software bundle when I bought the SoundCanvas soundcard around 1995. DoReMix had presequenced 4-bar midi loops in different styles, which could be copied and pasted on a chart on the screen.

The two newest files are made with iLife GarageBand and Apple Loops. To the short example called ”A Different Code” I added a couple of simple tracks which I played on the computer keys into the program.

The piece called ”Exdream” is mixed in GarageBand (this afternoon) around an audio file from a midi recording I did with the Soundcanvas sounds on my first computer. I honestly think the piece stinks, mostly because the recording of my improvisation on ”church organ” and ”taiko drums”, etc, isn’t very interesting music, and certainly not a good performance or sequence job. However, I wanted to say something with this music, about life, folk music, pop sounds, attitudes and everything. Have a nice evening!

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