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Beyond Good and Atonal (painting)


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Playing with designs online

She T-shirt by maritune She T-shirt by maritune Mary In Heaven T-shirt by maritune Orpheus & Ophelia T-shirt by maritune Som ni kan ha noterat genom att det finns ett par reklamwidgets på bloggen sedan några dagar så har jag … Läs mer

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Fairy Tale

Can’t remember exactly how much of this picture was made from bitmaps in Windows and figures I cut and pasted from other sources, but there was a lot of work put into it – hours of digital painting with various … Läs mer

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Village on Hisingen

(Village on Hisingen Island, Gothenburg. Oil sketch after a photo. copyright Maria Ljungdahl (Sweden) 2007.)

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Finished sunset

(Sunset. Oil painting, 41×33 cm. copyright Maria Ljungdahl 2007.) The paint is still wet. First photo is in natural (late afternoon) light; second photo with flash.

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New beginning

This new painting will be an image of the sunset, as I remember it from the summers in my childhood. I think I will paint some blue-green in the upper corners, like a dark forest on an island. The red … Läs mer

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Paintings (länkar till Marias målningar)

I have decided to put links to all my finished paintings and other pictures (and a couple of quilts) in the same message, so they will be easier to find again. Här finns länkar till alla de sidor där mina … Läs mer

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My Way, or, The Red Road

Oil painting, MaLj 2006.

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When I am not reading the newspaper, other music blogs, music discussions or web pages I have looked up to understand something, while listening to Beethoven’s Ninth or some songs by Steely Dan or a cd with Anne Sofie von … Läs mer

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work in progress

the camera was unsteady, which in fact makes this picture look better than in real life, but both two paintings of the helmsman (-woman) are unfinished, I can’t get the eyes right, and the whole thing is lifeless kitsch, but … Läs mer

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