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once in a blue moon

Den norska vädertjänsten har en artikel om att det denna nyårsafton är fullmåne och att det är en så kallad blå måne det vill säga det är den andra fullmånen på en kalendermånad, eller den trettonde på ett år. Mer … Läs mer

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November snow

25 november 2008

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The road and the water

Music composed and played by Maria Ljungdahl. Also on YouTube

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On the door

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When there was ice

21st February 2007. (photo by MaLj)

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I just couldn’t forget that filthy old wreck, Marilyn

In the summer 2002, we were on the lookout for a replacement for Carolina, the narrow, well-sailing ”RJ-85” sailboat we had bought while we lived on the West coast (our third or fourth boat, was this). One of the stepsons … Läs mer

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Open sea

Last weekend, the ice disappeared almost completely – there is just a little of it left in the marina and in the inner, narrow creeks east and west of it. The ferries can sail the shorter course again, through the … Läs mer

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Fireworks and ferries

I am watching the dark sea and the horizon. Soon the fireworks will explode everywhere – in the village, and across the water. Other lights in this dark winter evening are coming from the ferries – huge vessels slowly and … Läs mer

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Hysterical bird

Found a little blue-tit fluttering around in the bedroom when I came home. I have heard something making noises in the ventilator in the outer wall some nights the last weeks, but was unsure if it was a dry leaf, … Läs mer

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First snow

Frost and snow. Nothing to write about. Last night I finished and published two pages of a piano piece I had planned to do something more than my usual miniature style of. But it just wanted to end there: Lady … Läs mer

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